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Human Rights

Battlefords Healing Circle Inc.
(http://Battlefords Healing Circle Inc.)
requesting name and address, phone number and fax number
Dear Prez Bush Re: Marriage
49.5 KB animated gif, a message to Prez Bush about marriage. Great if you need a picture for your signature in message boards or email.
Health Access
Health Access California is a statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition of over 200 organizations working for the goal of quality, affordable, health care for all Californians.
Human Rights Worker
Michael Parenti on Human Rights
Monheit Law-personal injury for Guidant defibrillator recall case
Guidant has issued a warning and a recall for many of its defibrillator models .Do you need information ora referral for Guidant defibrillator recall case ? Contact Monheit Law
Prisoners Overseas
We campaign for political and religious prisoners, torture survivors, genocide, slavery, refugees, racism, children in prison and many other human rights abuses.
Results of the 1973 Church Committee Hearings, on CIA misdeeds, and the 1984 Iran/Contra Hearings.
Repair Your Bad Credit - All About Credit Repair
Basics of credit, credit reports, fixing a negative credit report yourself, credit repair scams and how to buy a used car with no credit or a bad credit history.

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