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Media Reform and Alternative Media

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
very professional magazine plus website by ex-madison avenuers
Albion Monitor (frames) alternative media
Uncompromising journalism covers "The News You're Missing" -- important stories not appearing in the mainstream American media.
Alliance for Community Media
An alliance of Community Media TV, radio and print outlets. Including a conference of community media.
alternative web news supplier
America Radio Network
The i.e. America Radio Network produces programming from a different perspective
Internet radio site moderate reform programs and links
Angry Citizen .org - Left Wing Politics
AngryCitizen.org is a national non-profit citizens' organization working to bring progressive Americans together to promote progressive visions for America's future.
A progressive group that is buying time and space to air progressive media. Funded by some relatively wealthy progressives
Founded 1996 to build an ‘Internet library,’ with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.
Arts and the Media
News Arts RadioSegue Community mainly San Francisco based
Brown Bradcast Services
Professional radio engineer and fcc expert on filings for licenses, works with non-profits for filings and finding free spectrum
Alternative Source of News
Connected to the Columbia School of Jouralism; analysis of the media coverage and commericals of the campaigns other media related
Center for Digital Democracy
Media (digital rights) and general reform site concerned with media consolidation issues
Center for Media and Democracy (PRWatch.org)
Watches for information distortions in the major media
"Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community"
Helps you obtain a FCC radio or TV license
Communications Rights in the Information Society (CRIS)
"Al Gore's new cable network, Current TV, is a media smorgasbord of quick, slick and sometimes very interesting short-form video segments targeted at the iPod generation." Quote from Wired Magazine
Alternative Media plus research on media Be sure and see the Media Research section (left column on home page mid point)
Critical analysis of the major media
Popular progressive Political blogger.
Democracy Now
Daily community based news and Web-TV
A collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that influence the media.
Don't Trust CNN, Crossfire, and Tucker Carlson - Lies About Cheney-Edwards Debat
An essential ingredient of a well-oiled democracy and election process is that the voters be well-informed -- so that they can make informed choices on Election Day. That is one reason for the First A
dropseven - Culture Jammers Network
Independent UK-based non-partisan network of geographical and virtual activists, students, volunteers and workers. Browse its database and read related news reports.
Eat The State!
EcoResearch Election Coverage 2004 ratings Index
This site automatically sifts through 500,000 sites related to the media and Fortune 1000 companies to see how they are covering the Presidential Race.
Enviro Media Issues
Fair and Accuracy In Reporting - progressive watch-dog of media
National non-profit media reform group
Progressive news and commentary from the web and print journal
Friday Morning Quarterback
Good site to monitor the status quo's doings - FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback) super-serve's radio programming and management executives, as well as music industry executives, with finely targeted
FSTV (free speech TV)
Geneva Switzerland Information Summit
Geneva Switzerland Information Summit- Alternative website
Global Media News and Commentary
Global Media News and Commentary
The Consumer Report of News in the SF Bay Area
British Daily that is slightly more objective than most US dailies
Guerrilla News Network
High tech and innovative producers of alternative news and documentaries
Home // HUB - eur@ction project including PolyMedia project and streaming videos on Media reform
I Want Media (Real News about the Media)
I Want Media (Real News about the Media)
Independent Press Association
The antidote to monopoly media
independent web radio
Independent World Television
Independent World Television, a non-profit broadcast service financed by viewers across the globe -- independent of corporate or government funding and commercial advertising.
Indie Club
Networking, Actors and Filmakers and Crew
Collective for dependent news in the SF Bay Area
independent media center alternative news plus umbrella for other outlets
Information Clearing House
World Daily News, you will not find on CNN or Fox News
Institute for Global Communications
Hosts PeaceNet, EcoNet, Womensnet and AntiRacismNet
Investigative Journalism
Web site of an investigative journalist, plus fairly comprehensive set of Bush related investigations
Lasar letter on FCC
Media reform site
Legit Government
Mainly latest news about problems with the Bush administration
Media Action Marin
Media Action Marin is committed to Media Democracy, and to democratizing/ opening up all aspects of public information and communication.
Media Alliance
Resource for Media Reform (local and national) and media classes (Bay Area)
Media Channel
Media Matters for America
Former right-winger David Brock's news site dedicated to exposing right-wing distortions of the media.
Media Reform Information Center
Links and Resources on Media Reform
Media Reform page, this site
Media Tracker
The Center for Public Integrity's Site that lets you know what companies own the media and where.
Media Venture
A media collective of many progressive NPO's, also has MediaTalk project.
Good site for the legal consolidation aspects of Big Media
SF Bay Calif. Alliance of Alternative Media
A fairly comprehensive look at media reform issues. Mediareform.net is a project of Free Press.
Puts on Media that Matters film festival; also has new distribution model for short films and programs.
A media reform site
A media reform and fcc watch site
Minnesota News Council
Non profit that allows you to file a complaint with about the news media with the meda in a formal way.
Mojo Wire
alternative web news from Mother Jones Magazine Plus
MoveOn.org report on Fox News bias
MoveOn.org report on Fox News bias
National Association of Community Broadcasters
Community Broadcasters and advocates
National Radio Project
Produces independent alternative radio programs and syndicates them at low cost.
News Followup
News & Views with a Global Perspective plus Bloggers World
News Insider
Political online newspaper mainly centered on war-peace issues
Important but underreported news from around the world, emailed free each week.
Get the news that the mainstream media refuses to report.
South Korea -- very large citizen-reporter based news source - with english language version
Media ownership database online
open internet uncontrolled by government including domain names
Our Media Voice
Works on public awareness of Media consolidation issues
We monitor Conservative sites, keep tabs on the 'myths' they spread and debunk them with accurate quotes and hard facts. We also feature a blog and post regular editorials.
politicalamazon.com Media section
Political media serious and parody
PR Watch: Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry
A project of the Center for Media and Democracy. PR Watch offers investigative reporting on the public relations industry.
Project Censored
Each years most censored news stories
Project CNN
Pro-Bush bias of CNN
helps you obtain a radio or tv fcc license, plus fcc watch dog
Pubic Integrity's Media tracker
publicintegrity.org allows you to type in a zip code or city and see the who owns the media in your area
Radio Power - Streaming Progressive Media
Streaming Progressive Culture and Music around the World (also progressive talk radio)
helps you obtain a fcc radio license plus fcc watch dog
News aggregation source less status quo stories than AP, more relevant.
Real News Page
Satellite TV and Radio :: Bringing a New World of Digital to You
A resource-based site bringing the latest satellite TV and radio information. There are articles that promote satellite radio channels with political content.
Site devoted to keeping net neutrality from being taken away.
SFLan is an experimental wireless community network in San Francisco. We aim to build a wireless network with LAN characteristics on a metropolitan scale.
Sirius Left Channel 145
Sirius Satellite service (channel 145 Left progressive channel)
A primary purpose of SourceWatch is documenting the PR and propaganda activities of public relations firms and public relations professionals engaged in managing and manipulating public perception, op
A fairly conprehensive look at all major US media by Columbia School of Journalism -- words, graphs, lists, charts
Take Back the Media
Interesting media reform site plus professional graphics
A robust public blogging service
The Experiment
Alternative news. The Experiment Network believes that we must constantly be asking ourselves new questions about ourselves and our realities such as who we are, what we do and why we do.
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
The Memory Hole
Rescuing knowledge freeing information government censored information and footage and undereported information
beta version of the real news network
Third World Majority - CultureisaWeapon.org
Site that has a number of digital media and alternative resources, including "digital story telling"
ThirdWorld Travler
Truth in America
A site started by Sue Wilson, award winning journalist and producer, relating to media reform
Alternative Source of News
Media reform and news website plus Corporate Media Lies Tee-shirt
Artists and Activists show case of videos
Washington State News Council (also see Minnesota News Council)
Non profit that allows you to file a complaint with about the news media with the meda in a formal way. (some association with the Gates family)
News & Views with a Global Perspective plus Bloggers World
Open source news site, many languages, hundreds of volunteer news sources
World Summit 2003
World Summit on the Information Society Civil Society Meeting Point
The World Summit on the Information Society Civil Society Meeting Point National and International information issues
Yellow Times
Alternative news and views
Youth Media Council
Building youth power through media advocacy and media accountability

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