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Election Reform

Behind The Election: Bush Cheated 04
Wake Up America! The POTUS plays dirty pool. Featuring an assorted cast of thugs, cheaters, media whores and idiots such as Karl "Rat Fucker" Rove, Ken "Uncle Tom" Blackwell, and Nathan "Evil GOP Bast
BlackBoxVoting.com and .org
Ballot tampering in the 21st century Also see blackboxvoting.org (research arm of blackboxvoting.com)
Voting technology in California
Election On-line
produced by the Election Reform Information
Election Reform
A election reform site that discusses many alternatives and the problems with the current system.
Website of Rebecca Mercuri a professor of Computer Science is an expert on electronic voting systems
Fair Elections Project
Group the advocates for "clean election" laws similar to Maine and Arizona
instant run-off voting and electronic voting systems and standards also see www.fairvote.org/administration/software.htm for standards for software etc.
Fixing Elections
Site of author of book about improving current election methods
Election fraud and potential election fraud site.
Award-winning "Eco-journalism from the Brink" from the Editor Emeritus of Earth Island Journal.
Verified Voting
Election Reform and Electronic voting with an audit trail
Voter Choice
Good site on voting machines and what changes are needed, plus related links

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