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Scorecards on Government and Elected Officials

California League of Conservation Voters - Ecovote Online
California State Senate and Assembly Environmental Votes
shows weekly votes in congress, also has email service
HSUS Scorecard US House of Representatives Animal Protection Votes
HSUS Scorecard US Senate Animal Protection Votes
Humane Oregon Scorecard
Oregon State Senate and House Animal Protection Votes
HumaneUSA Endorsements - State
Endorsements for some States Elected Officials and Ballot Measures
HumaneUSA Endorsements - Federal
Endorsements for Federal Elected Officials
KnowTheCandidates.org BushAnalysis
Analysis of Bush on 7 issues
Paw Pac Endorsements and Scorecard
California State Senate and Assembly Animal Protection Votes
Pollution by region scorecard
Pro Sports Handicapping
The Pro Player provides you with winning professional handicappers to allow you to enjoy success at sports wagering.
Progressive Punch
Does a scorecard on congress on many progressive issues.
ProgressivePunch is a non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective.
ProgressivePunch.org - lookup Congress on 175 issue catagories
seachable database on congressional voting records plus
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
US Congress Votes and Campaign Contributions - good general site that attempts objectivity.
Protect Animals on Election Day 2000
(many different states, Propositions on ballots)
Sierra Club president page
Sierra Club State by State Endorsements
Sierra Club Voter Information
Sonoma County California Elected Official Evaluation (ConservationAction)
Voter Information Services
Many political scorecards (or summaries) from groups who track federal representatives
Ranks members of congress along liberal conservative lines, by analysis of their voters
VoteWatch Index - Sierra Club
US Congress Environmental Votes
VoteWatch Index - Sierra Club
US Congress Environmental Votes

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