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Political Humor

A compassionately unconservative lager, NotBush Beer
We don't expect everyone to love our beer. 51 percent of you is all we're hoping for.
Anti-War T-shirts and Political T-shirts
Some of the funniest and most radical left-wing political t-shirts on the internet at BAN T-SHIRTS
Bush Eats Poo
Incontrevertible evidence that our President eats poo.
Count down to the end of George W. Bushs term with a countdown timer keychain!
Dancing Ass (no, not porn!!!)
A cartoon butt, "The Dancing Ass," delivers funny Public Service Messages like the "John Kerry: Kung Fu Master" animation on the home page. Starts after kitten drops pretzels on Whitehouse.
Dangerous tshirts
Hard edged and humorous tshirts and merchandise for the non conformists and unconventional
Dogs Against Bush
No tinsel. No presents. No fireworks. Just dogs. . . against Bush.
Eat The State!
We want an end to poverty, exploitation, imperialism, militarism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, environmental destruction, television, and large ugly buildings.
F*ck Bush !
Discuss about Bush Administration and their politics.
Fat American
Cynical t-shirts that question mainstream American principles regarding war, religion, economics and the environment. Plus t-shirts featuring famous peacekeepers and revolutionaries.
Fire George Bush tee-shirts George W. You're Fired T-shirts
http://www.wyourefired.com as heard no Air America
Freeway Blogger
Recent Sightings and Archives. The signs on this page were seen by over two million Californians. They cost a total of $35 to make.
Funny Times
political cartoons and essays and newspaper
Google Directory of Political Humor
I Wasn't Using My Civil Rights Anyway
A comment for the liberal civil rights activists who appreciate irony (and for conservative civil rights activists that don't understand what irony is)....
Join Arnold Parody
Get in style! Show your support (or lack of it) for the new Governor of California and his ass-grabbing escapades.
Justice Is Duck Blind
Cartoon video about Dick Cheney taking Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia duck hunting just 3 weeks after Cheney had asked the court to let him keep the inner workings of his energy task force secret.
Buy unique pro-liberty apparel, bumper stickers and books
The Gore-Bush debate quiz
A bunch of Gore-Bush parodies
Mort and Mindy
Political Humor,cartoons and links
Get the latest news on both political parties by the only news source that is funnier then Dan Rather; less annoying then Jon Stewart; and more drunk then Andy Rooney...well, maybe not that drunk!
Political humor, with subject index and related links
Quagmire Comics
We are now selling a number of products with unique graphics on them. We hope you have a good laugh, tell your friends and spread the message.
Republican Humour
"Republican" humour, WMD quotes, Chickenhawks, Republican lies...
political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow
Slam Bush
Video clip of President Bush "debating" underground rap star Wordsworth. Part of a national Hip Hop competition of slam poets across the country to deliver the best anti-Bush rhymes.
The Digital Museum of Modern Art
A celebration of J. Dennis Hastert. A truly good person going through life seeing no evil, hearing no evil, speaking no evil. Pure, unblemished by life.
The Florida Bingo Ballot
A proposal to make the ballot in Florida more familiar and avoid confusion in future elections
The Shaved Report
The Shaved Report is unfair and unbalanced news, stripped of the clutter and integrity of your normal news website.
The Week in Surreal News, By Oscar Gonzalez, Satirist, AlterNet
A story in an Alternet satirist's column - surreal news that would be scary if it became real. Oscar Gonzalez is a lawyer and writer of satire who lives in Dallas, Texas.
Vote Bush Off the Island
George W. Bush has been a naughty boy. Vote him off the island!
Wise Confuse-us
An eastern philosophical spin on the election of 2000

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