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Bush, Parody

"A Wartime President"
Humorous lyrics and MP3 audio song parody "A Wartime President" -- a fun jab at the life of Dubya, sung to the tune of "This Old Man."
VOTE BUSH OUT SAVE AMERICA DESIGNER T-SHIRT site of the Month. Recently Voted Schlance #1 Tee of the Year from www.sendatee.net/ ©2003 kmkbmilne/sas. Clean design, says it all!
A bumper sticker: NOT BUSH '04!
A simple site selling a bumper sticker that is fun yet timely!
A Bush Tee Says it All !
BushTees.com home of the original Bush "Priceless" T-Shirt. Other designs , commentary, election '04, Anti-Bush links , Op-Ed submission. BushTees.com - Political Tees for the Mind.
A GWB weekly radio address parody site
A parody of the White House's Weekly Radio Address web page, with audio of GWB giving his weekly wisdome to the nation. Celebrity voices impersonated.
A Mixed Bag
Designs for freethinkers! Topics include Bush, War & Peace, Homeland security, JFK, Lennon etc and the list is growing!
A Rose is a Rose, Anti-Bush and Esoteric Design
Politically incorrect, Anti-Bush, Anti-rightwing T-Shirt headquarters. Original designs sold nowhere else, potent, and politically unconscious.
A.B.C. Another Bush's Campaign
My name, unfortunately, is James W. Bush. I know, I know. But I'm not getting mad, I'm getting even. Come see what I mean.
Satirical images and animations of and about the Bush-President King George W. II - made by Gagarama.de
AmBUSHED: America Under Bush
A satirical look at life under an unelected, ignorant, ill-prepared, inarticulate president.
American Voice
2004 Election Merchandise. Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush T-Shirts. Help restore democracy to America.
An original Antiwar Anti-Bush Political Band, Funk, Reggae, and Alternative Rock
A politically minded band blending Funk, Reggae, and Alternative Rock with lyrics that are hard hitting, sarcastic and soulful. The band was formed by former Polydor Recording Artist with the group Ma
And I'd Like To Buy George Bush Some Coke...
Commentary, news, quotes, statistics, a few laughs, and the Political Notions store, supplying books, music, and videos of a political nature. Stop on by!
Anti Bush Fun
Fun anti-Bush gear: t-shirts, clothing and other useful / wearable items.
Anti-Bush Musical Anthems
Political satires in mp3 format about Bush, the Supreme Court, and other right-wing dandruff. Now with weekly animations!
Anti-Bush T-shirts
Great anti-Bush t-shirts including "Instant Asshole, Just add oil", "Who would Jesus bomb?", "Heil Bush" and many others.
Audio Remixes of GW Bush with Various Artists
Enjoy the words of GW Bush and The Dude, from The Big Lebowski, mixed with music from the BeeGees, Alan Parsons, and more. GW makes for great remixes, which are eerily similar to the originals.
Auntie Fashions
Bush anti-fashions
Awesome Vote Bush Out, I can't take four more years!
Large selection of anti-Bush merchandise to spread the word. Hats, clothing, frisbees, mugs, clocks, and even teddie bears all with anti-Bush messages. Free Anti-Bush e-cards!
The title says it all
Banana Republican's Hall of Shame
Banana Republican's Hall of Shame
Beat the Bushes
Current news on Bush (serious and parody)
Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
billionaires for bush or gore
The title says it all
The title says it all
so now the war class is accusing us of class war? fight back at bumpsy.org...
Bush Assures Apes we can talk
President Bush has announced that he is taking bold diplomatic measures to reconcile the talking apes that apparently rule the planet.
bush boyz stole the vote
Bush stole vote parody plus serious info
Bush Brothers Banana Republic
Bush Brothers Banana Republic
Bush Campaign Headquarters
The title says it all.
Bush Cartoons
Great anti-Bush animation; about a 700k byte load for total series.
Bush Cheats
The title says it all
bush company
The title says it all
Bush Doormat
The web source for the BUSH DOORMAT.
Bush Funnies
Bush Jokes from Emails
bush lite
The title says it all
Bush Lotto - When will Osama Be Captured to Help Bush's Re-Election
Bush Lotto - When will Osama Be Captured to Help Bush's Re-Election Flash movie quick load unfortunately the funny truth
bush occupation
recently raided by the Secret Service
Bush On Crack
The title says it all
bush or chimp
The title says it all
bush palm
Bush cheat sheet on his hand
Bush PR
Bush Leaked Press Release
Bush Presidential Address
Monkey boy cut-up
Bush Protest Art
Bush Political Protest Art
Bush songs
The title says it all
bush suckz
The title says it all
bush swallows
Conservative - Bush parody plus serious info
Bush the AntiChrist?
Bush the AntiChrist?
bush whacker brigade
The title says it all
BushBeer - Puts the *W* in DWI! Party with Dubya and the Twins!
Pictures and gifts making fun of Dubya and the twins. Our can coolers make ANY beer look like a BushBeer! T-shirts, beer steins, mugs, and more.
Watch Bushisms the DVD hosted by Brian Unger. The DVD features Al Franken and others commenting on nucular-strength malapropisms from the president. Check it out at www.bushism.net
Bushman,Free Bush Man Song; dance, ragga,mp3 format
Free Bushman song;dance, ragga, mp3
The title says it all
Bye Bye George
Had enough of the Bush regime? "Bye Bye George" will help you celebrate the end of the evil empire. Half of all after-tax profits will be donated to the Kerry campaign.
Bush video parody with hard driving comtemporary still and music.
Biting political humor with some very unusual grahics. A selection of favorites not selected by editors of publications featuring the photocartoons of John Chuckman.
Classified Bush Photo's
Graphic Bush Photo's
count every vote
Bush Parody T-shirts
cretin world
A Satire of the Christian Coalition Internet
daily dubya
Bush parody and serious plus making change
Anti-Bush cartoons on t-shirts
Political commentary and satire, Republican Spin Generator, THINK IT'S PATRIOTIC stickers, evildoer stickers & tees, and more
deshrubify amerikkka fuck you george dumbya bush
list of anti-bush links including an animated gif of bush getting pied (http://www.pieman.org/piedbush.gif)
Distortions bush
parody bush art
Dropbush Practice Ballot
Practice ballot for the upcoming 2004 election
A growing, interactive, conceptual, visual, internet istallation, counting down the days until the U.S. presidential election of 2004. Political artistic expression at its best!
The title says it all
dubya report
parody and serious
dubya says
Bush's version of English
The title says it all
Humor, Daily News, Stats & Polls, Message Board, Merchandise.
Elect Gore
Florida ballot (moving)
Feed Your Refrigerator
Political satire for your refrigerator or office (refrigerator magnets)
freeword bush humor
The title says it all
FUCK BUSH T-shirt, also has a collection of other funny shirts
Funny Times Bush Dope Seeds
Texas Homegrown Dope Seeds
Gaffe-o-Matic Bush
Gaffe-o-Matic George W. Bush - Virtual Magnetic Poetry Page - Tickle Me Dubya -
george buh 2000
Statistics Under Bush's Rain of Error
George Bush's Christmas Carol
George Bush is visited by the Ghost of Dick Nixon and the three ghosts Christmas Past, Christmas Presents, & Christmas Futures--a real hoot!
George Dubya Bush Blows
Updated every 1-2 months, Anti Bush pictures, news, comics, quotes, links, democrat stuff, and reply to hate mail.
George Dubya Bush Song Book
Over 300 anti-Dubya song parodies with MIDI - also targeting Jeb, Poppy, Katherine Harris, AshKKKroft, etc. (Part of The Boot Newt Sing Along Page.)
george w bush
Hypocrisy on Parade
George W. Bush Singers
Bushisms set to music! He says it, and a choir sings his exact words. Somehow it gets funnier with every listen.
George Wanker Bush
parody including bush financial news
georgettes world
The title says it all
The title says it all
georgy bush
The Georgy Bush Project: Links
go back to texas
The title says it all
Several Bush parodies, some with sound.
guerrilla girls bush
Guerrilla Girls Poster of Bush
GW Bush
The site that generated Bush's infamous There ought to be limits to freedom; remark (and twice tried to shut it down)
GW Bush Anti-Christ
GW Bush Anti-Christ
The site that generated Bush's infamous "There ought to be limits to freedom" remark (and twice tried to shut it down)
Hell Raiser
Carah's stuff plus Bush parodies
I know What You Did Last Election
The Bush soap opera/movie with all the major players (criminals)
impeach bush bumper stickers
The title says it all
impeach the bushs
parody plus serious interesting Flash animation
Kim's very funny Bush flash animation
Funny flash animation about Bush, starts Serious ends very funny with very strong language (not for young kids ears).
Comprehensive Anti-Bush site, plus other info. (serious and parody)
little george bush
The title says it all
mad about chad
The title says it all
madkane bush
The title says it all
Make a Statement with TruCards!
Keep in touch with your friends while telling 'em what you think of Dubya, Rush, Doctor Laura and America's lunar right. These people spread hatred and fear; here's one small way to fight back
Mark Spittle very funny Bush commerical in 41.2 seconds
From Mark Spittle is one half of the political satire duo Spittle & Ink click one of the mirror site links and have fun, not for small kids
Michael Moore on Bush
Michael Moore's letters to Bush and the community (serious and parody)
modern humorist bush
Bush Speech (between the lines)
modern humorist bush
My First Presidentiary: Dubya's Scrapbook
Mojo Georgo vs. The Dixie Puff Chicks
The nemesis of the Power Puff Girls is an evil, insane monkey obsessed with world domination. Hmmm...
Not So Swift Veterans
Information about the not so swift veterans attacking John Kerry.
One Bad St guillotine. George W. Bush and Elmo humor.
George W. Bush denies Elmo a reprieve ... an animated cartoon short.
Peace and Protest Graphics
Pro-peace, anti-war, and Bush administration parody graphics to download and print.
Political Amazon
parody and serious - check out their media accountability project
political art darrias
Bush protest art plus
Political humor bush
Dubya Humor
Political Humor George W. Bush
Bush count down plus parodies.
Politics Bush
Bush cartoon t-shirts
president moron
The title says it all
Presidentially Speaking: Cronies, Nannies, Fautors & Fops
The political caricature of The Wizard of Whimsy, featuring George W. Bush and his administration. A three page essay followed by 41 cartoons.
project cnn
CNN bias for Bush
Radio Free Monterey Dubya
The title says it all
Red Monkey Serial News
Threaded Parody News including: "Idiot Wind from Texas" Bush related section
Regime Change USA - Anti-Bush Apparel
Regime change begins at home! Anti-Bush merchandise for all.
The title says it all
serial killer bush
serial killer bush
Some of us — hopefully most of us — are trying to understand and appreciate the effect our recent election will have on you, the citizens of the rest of the world.
Specious Report, The
America's Oldest News Magazine - Spreading Rumors, Half-Truths & Misinformation Since 1789
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
T-shirts, stickers & misc. items
A small site of 14 pages divided in two chapters with a lot of Jokes of W. ilustrated with funny graphics, adding new pages and ilustrations every week.
super bush jokes 2
10 New jokes and graphics for enjoyment.
Amazing Flash MX animation, with very good information about the Bush Administration Chicken Hawks.
T.W.A.T.* - The (Mis)Adventures Of Bush & Dick
Rudely outrageous comic strip featuring Bush, Dick, Colon and the rest of the T.W.A.T.* gang(sters).
*(The War Against Terrorism)
Very disrespectful phototoons of Bush and his accomplices.
The Bentinel
Clean, family-friendly news satire and parody
The Bushiad and The Idyossey - Homeric Bush Satire
Homeric style satire about George Bush and the war in Iraq. Homer would recognize the tale!
The People Must Know
Anti-Bush, progressive comedy about the White House, Iraq war profiteering, the presidential election, Halliburton, President George W Bush himself, and freedom.
The Texas Hillbilly
Bush parody song lyrics, Bush graphics
too stupid to be president
The title says it all
TrashBush.com features original anti-bush bumper stickers. All bumper stickers are professionally designed and printed on a high-quality white vinyl.
trim the bush to a shrub
The title says it all
triple crown
parody and serious
Useless Sites Bush
Countdown timer to end of Bush term
victory is certain
The title says it all
Allows you to create Bush "Blogs"
W...From The Heart Of The Phantom Presidency
A weekly parody about a mythical superpower president, and events and personalities of his administration. Contains satirical stories, poems and songs
Because Dubya and his smirky cronies are self-righteous weasels we started WadingThruWeasels.com. Our merchandise promotes our Constitution, honest elections and thinking for yourself.
Watch Dubya Links
The title says it all
Weapons of Math Instruction
A new angle on the obtuse world of math instruction from Bush and Ashcroft.
Award winning parody of the current White House regime(team Bush),be sure and see administration (appointments) section.
Will Ferrell - A Message From White House West
Hilarious behind-the-scenes look at “White House West.” A commercial from ACT and Will Ferrell, prepared for the November 2004 presidential election.
WMD: Words of Mis-Direction FLASH video.
This is a video I made for the first verse of my own song "WMD: Words of Mis-Direction" Portrays Bush as the deceiver he is.
Yalies Against Dudya's Ascension
Yalies Against Dudya's Ascension (Bush's classmates against Bush)
Your Dubya nickname
Title says it all

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