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Animal, Veg, Food Protection Related

American Humane Association
Animal Concerns Organizations List and Search
This site has over 600 links to animal groups.
Animal Concerns Resource Site
Animal Protection Resource
Animal Nation on 90.3 FM KUSF
Animal People
Animal Rights - Home Page
Animal Rights 2000 National Conference
Animal Rights Online
Animals' Hope Petition Team
Bay Area Vegetarians (BAVeg)
Bay Area Vegetarians supports, connects & promotes the vegetarian and animal rights community with 15+ monthly events ranging from social dinners and vegan food parties to advocacy and educational e
CA HLN alerts
Come Meet the Animals!
Danny Seo's GENERATION REACT: Activism for Beginners
Dissection and Education - Animal Rights
An online source of vegan products. Hundreds of organic hemp clothing and footwear items, accessories, animal rights videos and much more.
EarthSave Index
EarthSave International
Scientifically-credible info on veg*n diets.
Food Irradiation
Food Irradiation: Why Vegetarians Should Care
For Your Health, For the Animals, For the Earth
Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals is an international animal rights organization working to abolish animal abuse and to create a respectful and compassionate ethic in all relations between animals and people.
Friends of San Anselmo
Ford Greene's sign promotes unlawful conduct against animals.
GreenPeople Directory of businesses
H.E.N. Web Site: Home Page
HerbWeb Animal Rights Resources
Homepage of the Vegetarian Ring
In Defense of Animals - IDA
In Loving Memory of Linda McCartney
Korean Animal Protection Society
A multilingual datingsite for vegetarian and vegan people.
M Gill web page
Mendocino South Coast Humane
Mother Nature Fan Club
Nature education and protection directory. Featuring a children's nature art contest.
Organic Consumers Association and BioDemocracy
(large site with numerous resources about animal protection)
propaw oregon washington
San Francisco Vegetarian Society
South Bay In Defense of Animals
The Animal Rights Law Center of Rutgers Law School
The Link between cruelty to animals and child abuse
The NOTMILK Homepage!
(MILK is a bad-news substance)
Tortoise Rescue Malibu
United Animal Rescuers
United Animal Rescuers is the No. 1 provider of animal rescue information. Helping those who help animals.
Veg Vacations
Vegan Action
Vegan/Vegetarian/Animal Rights Dating and Personal
Vegetarian / Vegan Page
Vegetarian Dog Food
Vegetarian Food
VegetarianStore.com - vegan and vegetarian food
Vegetarian Foundation
Vegetarian, Vegan and raw food personal ads.
Voices for Pets
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Bush, Parody

"A Wartime President"
Humorous lyrics and MP3 audio song parody "A Wartime President" -- a fun jab at the life of Dubya, sung to the tune of "This Old Man."
VOTE BUSH OUT SAVE AMERICA DESIGNER T-SHIRT site of the Month. Recently Voted Schlance #1 Tee of the Year from www.sendatee.net/ ©2003 kmkbmilne/sas. Clean design, says it all!
A bumper sticker: NOT BUSH '04!
A simple site selling a bumper sticker that is fun yet timely!
A Bush Tee Says it All !
BushTees.com home of the original Bush "Priceless" T-Shirt. Other designs , commentary, election '04, Anti-Bush links , Op-Ed submission. BushTees.com - Political Tees for the Mind.
A GWB weekly radio address parody site
A parody of the White House's Weekly Radio Address web page, with audio of GWB giving his weekly wisdome to the nation. Celebrity voices impersonated.
A Mixed Bag
Designs for freethinkers! Topics include Bush, War & Peace, Homeland security, JFK, Lennon etc and the list is growing!
A Rose is a Rose, Anti-Bush and Esoteric Design
Politically incorrect, Anti-Bush, Anti-rightwing T-Shirt headquarters. Original designs sold nowhere else, potent, and politically unconscious.
A.B.C. Another Bush's Campaign
My name, unfortunately, is James W. Bush. I know, I know. But I'm not getting mad, I'm getting even. Come see what I mean.
Satirical images and animations of and about the Bush-President King George W. II - made by Gagarama.de
AmBUSHED: America Under Bush
A satirical look at life under an unelected, ignorant, ill-prepared, inarticulate president.
American Voice
2004 Election Merchandise. Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush T-Shirts. Help restore democracy to America.
An original Antiwar Anti-Bush Political Band, Funk, Reggae, and Alternative Rock
A politically minded band blending Funk, Reggae, and Alternative Rock with lyrics that are hard hitting, sarcastic and soulful. The band was formed by former Polydor Recording Artist with the group Ma
And I'd Like To Buy George Bush Some Coke...
Commentary, news, quotes, statistics, a few laughs, and the Political Notions store, supplying books, music, and videos of a political nature. Stop on by!
Anti Bush Fun
Fun anti-Bush gear: t-shirts, clothing and other useful / wearable items.
Anti-Bush Musical Anthems
Political satires in mp3 format about Bush, the Supreme Court, and other right-wing dandruff. Now with weekly animations!
Anti-Bush T-shirts
Great anti-Bush t-shirts including "Instant Asshole, Just add oil", "Who would Jesus bomb?", "Heil Bush" and many others.
Audio Remixes of GW Bush with Various Artists
Enjoy the words of GW Bush and The Dude, from The Big Lebowski, mixed with music from the BeeGees, Alan Parsons, and more. GW makes for great remixes, which are eerily similar to the originals.
Auntie Fashions
Bush anti-fashions
Awesome Vote Bush Out, I can't take four more years!
Large selection of anti-Bush merchandise to spread the word. Hats, clothing, frisbees, mugs, clocks, and even teddie bears all with anti-Bush messages. Free Anti-Bush e-cards!
The title says it all
Banana Republican's Hall of Shame
Banana Republican's Hall of Shame
Beat the Bushes
Current news on Bush (serious and parody)
Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
billionaires for bush or gore
The title says it all
The title says it all
so now the war class is accusing us of class war? fight back at bumpsy.org...
Bush Assures Apes we can talk
President Bush has announced that he is taking bold diplomatic measures to reconcile the talking apes that apparently rule the planet.
bush boyz stole the vote
Bush stole vote parody plus serious info
Bush Brothers Banana Republic
Bush Brothers Banana Republic
Bush Campaign Headquarters
The title says it all.
Bush Cartoons
Great anti-Bush animation; about a 700k byte load for total series.
Bush Cheats
The title says it all
bush company
The title says it all
Bush Doormat
The web source for the BUSH DOORMAT.
Bush Funnies
Bush Jokes from Emails
bush lite
The title says it all
Bush Lotto - When will Osama Be Captured to Help Bush's Re-Election
Bush Lotto - When will Osama Be Captured to Help Bush's Re-Election Flash movie quick load unfortunately the funny truth
bush occupation
recently raided by the Secret Service
Bush On Crack
The title says it all
bush or chimp
The title says it all
bush palm
Bush cheat sheet on his hand
Bush PR
Bush Leaked Press Release
Bush Presidential Address
Monkey boy cut-up
Bush Protest Art
Bush Political Protest Art
Bush songs
The title says it all
bush suckz
The title says it all
bush swallows
Conservative - Bush parody plus serious info
Bush the AntiChrist?
Bush the AntiChrist?
bush whacker brigade
The title says it all
BushBeer - Puts the *W* in DWI! Party with Dubya and the Twins!
Pictures and gifts making fun of Dubya and the twins. Our can coolers make ANY beer look like a BushBeer! T-shirts, beer steins, mugs, and more.
Watch Bushisms the DVD hosted by Brian Unger. The DVD features Al Franken and others commenting on nucular-strength malapropisms from the president. Check it out at www.bushism.net
Bushman,Free Bush Man Song; dance, ragga,mp3 format
Free Bushman song;dance, ragga, mp3
The title says it all
Bye Bye George
Had enough of the Bush regime? "Bye Bye George" will help you celebrate the end of the evil empire. Half of all after-tax profits will be donated to the Kerry campaign.
Bush video parody with hard driving comtemporary still and music.
Biting political humor with some very unusual grahics. A selection of favorites not selected by editors of publications featuring the photocartoons of John Chuckman.
Classified Bush Photo's
Graphic Bush Photo's
count every vote
Bush Parody T-shirts
cretin world
A Satire of the Christian Coalition Internet
daily dubya
Bush parody and serious plus making change
Anti-Bush cartoons on t-shirts
Political commentary and satire, Republican Spin Generator, THINK IT'S PATRIOTIC stickers, evildoer stickers & tees, and more
deshrubify amerikkka fuck you george dumbya bush
list of anti-bush links including an animated gif of bush getting pied (http://www.pieman.org/piedbush.gif)
Distortions bush
parody bush art
Dropbush Practice Ballot
Practice ballot for the upcoming 2004 election
A growing, interactive, conceptual, visual, internet istallation, counting down the days until the U.S. presidential election of 2004. Political artistic expression at its best!
The title says it all
dubya report
parody and serious
dubya says
Bush's version of English
The title says it all
Humor, Daily News, Stats & Polls, Message Board, Merchandise.
Elect Gore
Florida ballot (moving)
Feed Your Refrigerator
Political satire for your refrigerator or office (refrigerator magnets)
freeword bush humor
The title says it all
FUCK BUSH T-shirt, also has a collection of other funny shirts
Funny Times Bush Dope Seeds
Texas Homegrown Dope Seeds
Gaffe-o-Matic Bush
Gaffe-o-Matic George W. Bush - Virtual Magnetic Poetry Page - Tickle Me Dubya -
george buh 2000
Statistics Under Bush's Rain of Error
George Bush's Christmas Carol
George Bush is visited by the Ghost of Dick Nixon and the three ghosts Christmas Past, Christmas Presents, & Christmas Futures--a real hoot!
George Dubya Bush Blows
Updated every 1-2 months, Anti Bush pictures, news, comics, quotes, links, democrat stuff, and reply to hate mail.
George Dubya Bush Song Book
Over 300 anti-Dubya song parodies with MIDI - also targeting Jeb, Poppy, Katherine Harris, AshKKKroft, etc. (Part of The Boot Newt Sing Along Page.)
george w bush
Hypocrisy on Parade
George W. Bush Singers
Bushisms set to music! He says it, and a choir sings his exact words. Somehow it gets funnier with every listen.
George Wanker Bush
parody including bush financial news
georgettes world
The title says it all
The title says it all
georgy bush
The Georgy Bush Project: Links
go back to texas
The title says it all
Several Bush parodies, some with sound.
guerrilla girls bush
Guerrilla Girls Poster of Bush
GW Bush
The site that generated Bush's infamous There ought to be limits to freedom; remark (and twice tried to shut it down)
GW Bush Anti-Christ
GW Bush Anti-Christ
The site that generated Bush's infamous "There ought to be limits to freedom" remark (and twice tried to shut it down)
Hell Raiser
Carah's stuff plus Bush parodies
I know What You Did Last Election
The Bush soap opera/movie with all the major players (criminals)
impeach bush bumper stickers
The title says it all
impeach the bushs
parody plus serious interesting Flash animation
Kim's very funny Bush flash animation
Funny flash animation about Bush, starts Serious ends very funny with very strong language (not for young kids ears).
Comprehensive Anti-Bush site, plus other info. (serious and parody)
little george bush
The title says it all
mad about chad
The title says it all
madkane bush
The title says it all
Make a Statement with TruCards!
Keep in touch with your friends while telling 'em what you think of Dubya, Rush, Doctor Laura and America's lunar right. These people spread hatred and fear; here's one small way to fight back
Mark Spittle very funny Bush commerical in 41.2 seconds
From Mark Spittle is one half of the political satire duo Spittle & Ink click one of the mirror site links and have fun, not for small kids
Michael Moore on Bush
Michael Moore's letters to Bush and the community (serious and parody)
modern humorist bush
My First Presidentiary: Dubya's Scrapbook
modern humorist bush
Bush Speech (between the lines)
Mojo Georgo vs. The Dixie Puff Chicks
The nemesis of the Power Puff Girls is an evil, insane monkey obsessed with world domination. Hmmm...
Not So Swift Veterans
Information about the not so swift veterans attacking John Kerry.
One Bad St guillotine. George W. Bush and Elmo humor.
George W. Bush denies Elmo a reprieve ... an animated cartoon short.
Peace and Protest Graphics
Pro-peace, anti-war, and Bush administration parody graphics to download and print.
Political Amazon
parody and serious - check out their media accountability project
political art darrias
Bush protest art plus
Political humor bush
Dubya Humor
Political Humor George W. Bush
Bush count down plus parodies.
Politics Bush
Bush cartoon t-shirts
president moron
The title says it all
Presidentially Speaking: Cronies, Nannies, Fautors & Fops
The political caricature of The Wizard of Whimsy, featuring George W. Bush and his administration. A three page essay followed by 41 cartoons.
project cnn
CNN bias for Bush
Radio Free Monterey Dubya
The title says it all
Red Monkey Serial News
Threaded Parody News including: "Idiot Wind from Texas" Bush related section
Regime Change USA - Anti-Bush Apparel
Regime change begins at home! Anti-Bush merchandise for all.
The title says it all
serial killer bush
serial killer bush
Some of us — hopefully most of us — are trying to understand and appreciate the effect our recent election will have on you, the citizens of the rest of the world.
Specious Report, The
America's Oldest News Magazine - Spreading Rumors, Half-Truths & Misinformation Since 1789
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
T-shirts, stickers & misc. items
A small site of 14 pages divided in two chapters with a lot of Jokes of W. ilustrated with funny graphics, adding new pages and ilustrations every week.
super bush jokes 2
10 New jokes and graphics for enjoyment.
Amazing Flash MX animation, with very good information about the Bush Administration Chicken Hawks.
T.W.A.T.* - The (Mis)Adventures Of Bush & Dick
Rudely outrageous comic strip featuring Bush, Dick, Colon and the rest of the T.W.A.T.* gang(sters).
*(The War Against Terrorism)
Very disrespectful phototoons of Bush and his accomplices.
The Bentinel
Clean, family-friendly news satire and parody
The Bushiad and The Idyossey - Homeric Bush Satire
Homeric style satire about George Bush and the war in Iraq. Homer would recognize the tale!
The People Must Know
Anti-Bush, progressive comedy about the White House, Iraq war profiteering, the presidential election, Halliburton, President George W Bush himself, and freedom.
The Texas Hillbilly
Bush parody song lyrics, Bush graphics
too stupid to be president
The title says it all
TrashBush.com features original anti-bush bumper stickers. All bumper stickers are professionally designed and printed on a high-quality white vinyl.
trim the bush to a shrub
The title says it all
triple crown
parody and serious
Useless Sites Bush
Countdown timer to end of Bush term
victory is certain
The title says it all
Allows you to create Bush "Blogs"
W...From The Heart Of The Phantom Presidency
A weekly parody about a mythical superpower president, and events and personalities of his administration. Contains satirical stories, poems and songs
Because Dubya and his smirky cronies are self-righteous weasels we started WadingThruWeasels.com. Our merchandise promotes our Constitution, honest elections and thinking for yourself.
Watch Dubya Links
The title says it all
Weapons of Math Instruction
A new angle on the obtuse world of math instruction from Bush and Ashcroft.
Award winning parody of the current White House regime(team Bush),be sure and see administration (appointments) section.
Will Ferrell - A Message From White House West
Hilarious behind-the-scenes look at “White House West.” A commercial from ACT and Will Ferrell, prepared for the November 2004 presidential election.
WMD: Words of Mis-Direction FLASH video.
This is a video I made for the first verse of my own song "WMD: Words of Mis-Direction" Portrays Bush as the deceiver he is.
Yalies Against Dudya's Ascension
Yalies Against Dudya's Ascension (Bush's classmates against Bush)
Your Dubya nickname
Title says it all

Bush, Serious

Express your political thought about this Court Appointed President on your car's rear window or bumper or on your bike. Enough of this so called "presidency".
A Rose is a Rose T-Shirts, Anti Bush Headquarters
Politically incorrect, Anti-Bush, Anti-rightwing T-Shirt headquarters. Original designs sold nowhere else, potent, and politically unconscious.
Al Gore Won
election irregularities
Bush serious plus parody
Angry in the USA -- Anti-Bush Emporium
Unique ANTI-BUSH & PRO-KERRY T-shirts, other apparel, caps, mugs, stickers and more. You won't find these designs elsewhere!
anti war and anti bush
Newest addition: Black wristband that says: "I Did Not Vote 4 Bush". Our black car ribbons says" "Costly Mistake" and our blue car rbbon says" "Pray for Peace, Work for Justice".
Anyone But Bush in 2004
How George W. Bush's arrogance and incompetence has greatly damaged our national security
Website that shows the real military record of GW Bush
Bashng Bush and the Right Wing -- the new Nazis in D.C.
A serious, sometimes acidly sardonic attack on George II and his regime, which the Supreme Court , illegally appointed
BK2k.com Bush BodyCount
Mysterious deaths associated with the Bush Crime family and related
does the corporate media make your blood boil? us too, here are some songs to help topple the Oiligarchy...
Bush Administration Chicken Hawks database
New Hamshire Gazette assembled a database of people connected with the Bush administration that avoided military service but are hawks i.e. chicken hawks
Bush Amigos
The criminal ties of some of Bush's Latino advisors and potential cabinet appointments
Bush Analysis
Analysis of Bush on Seven Issues (on this site)
Bush and Animals
(Bush and Gore and Animal issues)
Bush Appointments
(on this site)
bush body count
The title says it all
Bush countdown clock and oil industry facts
Facts showing a conflict of interest within the Bush Administration, 10 actions readers should take to defeat Bush in 2004 and info on the thinktank behind the Iraqi invasion.
Bush drug links
drug links to Bush
Bush Favors
A favor for a Criminal
Bush Files
The title says it all
Bush Jr. the Dark Side
The title says it all
Bush Kills
The title says it all
Bush Kills 2
The title says it all
Bush Never Won Florida
nice documented list of irregularities
Bush Presidency, The
Articles on all facets of Bush administration misdeeds.
Bush senior
Bush (Senior)- Unauthorized Biography
Bush the anti-Christ
According to prophecy, Bush will destroy the world.
Bush Two Books on-line
Two books by Chris Fick on-line, about the problems with the Bush administration and corporate media. "Bush Guide" and "Fight"
bush vote grab
Bush Watch
The title says it all
Bush Watch
The title says it all
Bush/Cheney Energy Policy
A detailed criticism of the Bush/Cheney Energy Policy announced in May, with extensive web links to other sources
Great flash animation of Bush regime Iraq war problems
bush's texas rankings
Texas Ranked Against other States (on this site)
Buying of the President
The Buying Of The President 2000: George W. Bush
Cheney at the Helm
The title says it all
Coronation of George
The title says it all
Counter Coup
Trust the People (what to do about the steal)
Crazy Eddie - Saving the world from George Bush
You will find articles, opinions, links and humor on why we need new leadership for America. Four years is enough for this president.
Dark Horse 2000
Covers Bush and other candidates.
Political commentary and satire, Republican Spin Generator, THINK IT'S PATRIOTIC stickers, evildoer stickers & tees, and more
Democrats with Spine
Political Activism, News, Discussion
Depresident - All anti Bush
Site with bushisms, videos, photos, Bush nicknames, t-shirts, site directory and more.
Bush promotes damage to the biosphere and rapid drawdown of finite resources
Dumbya Chronicles
The Dumbya Chronicles provides news articles, discussion forums , cartoons and other resources critical of (anti) George W. (Dubya or as we say Dumbya) Bush, his administration, other Republicans and
Election Irregularities
Team Bush Election Irregularities a Comprehensive Look (on this site)
Enron Major Bush Contributor
Meet Enron, Bush's Biggest Contributor
Eyewitness information on the deceptions of the Bush Administrations
Bush knew that Iraq had no WMDs Bush makes speeches on America safer, while allowing Communist spies high security access. Rigged the last election as well as this one.
Fear Bush
info on many of Bush's hypocrisies including potential involvement in an abortion in the 70's
Fight 4 Choice
Pro-Choice Site Keeping watch on the Bush Administration, Congress and the Courts
Fire George
Anti-Bush, pro-voting website with voter registration forms for every state. Regime change begins with you!
Fire Geroge Bush
To see why George Bush should be fired, let's do an objective job performance evaluation of George Bush in his role as President of the United States. As you will see, George Bush has been a failure a
NEW URL...same site - all the news you're not supposed to read! We print what the mainstream won't!
Great resource for truth. News, articles, links, quotes...everything you're not supposed to know
Florida election irregularities
election irregularities site
We emphasize the importance of taking action NOW especially in the Swing States. By means of the power of the Internet we must band together & DUMP BUSH November 2, 2004.
George Bush in History
Every President has his place in history, let's see what type of legacy Bush will Leave to be remembered by
george w bush
(in the interest of fairness - we doubt he would do the same)
George W Bush
The title says it all
George W. You're fired!
Grass roots effort to get the word out. Fire George Bush!
Get Rid of Bush - It's the liberal thing to do
Features evidence on the corruption in the Bush Administration.
GOP-Godless Obsolete Pigs
Anti-Bush Webring. Also, anti-republican, anti-right-wing, anti-right-wing christian-coalition, Pro-President Gore, Pro-Democrat, anti-nader sites are also welcomed.
A collection of writing, much of it about the Bushes and the ongoing corruption of democratic government. Also other writing not strictly political, but still from the same basic mental framework.
A fairly comprehensive look at the Bush family political crime family
election and post election irregularities
I Did Not Vote For That Son of a Bush
Anti George W. Bush logo T-shirts. "Left vs. Right" political editorial page and message board drop in and voice your concerns.
Impeach Central (IC)
A clearinghouse for individuals and groups who want to see President Bush and his administration impeached, and who wish to contribute to that end.
Impeach Dubya Now!
Pro-President Gore, Pro-President Clinton, & anti-bush site with excellent editorials, columns, news, links, graphics, & music. Submit your links & join our President Gore Now & GOP~Godless Obsolete
INTL News by Joe Broadhurst
a supersized liberal drudge report
Investigative Resource of Bush Family Empire
Site created by investigative reporter and author, many valuable links and resources
Irregular Times
It is a time of freedom and fear, when the planting of a seed is an act of conscientious objection. These are the days we must stand up to, of all things, a Bush.
Jessica's Essay
The Media, the Environment, Bush, and Gore
LCV President Review
League of Conservation Voters: Presidential Profiles
Comprehensive Anti-Bush site, plus other info. (serious and parody)
Liberty Bound
Liberty Bound --- Film about America under Bush since 911
Link Crusader
Directory of links to over 270 anti-bush sites, 67 to T-shirts & bumper stickers, 121 Forums, 64+ progressive sites, etc.
Media Links
media links
Moron Gazette
Updated weekly with links to news articles that expose the truth about Dubya Bush ... the worst President in our country's history.
New American Century
This is a Neo-Con think tank site, that shows their long range strategy for World Domination and building the military-industrial complex to unprecedented levels. Signers= some Bush regime officials
New Vote
The title says it all
no coincidence
good summary list of Florida election illegal activity
No Gop
The title says it all
NotBush.com Informed Talking Points From Mainstream Media. Get your FREE NOTBUSH.COM BUMPERSTICKER!!!
Bush - Secret Service raid web site
One Term For Bush
Many links. Come, find out the truth about Bush. Then vote him out of office.
One Thousand Reasons
Latest news and opinion in support of a list of 1,000 reasons to dump Bush in 2004.
Opensecrets Corporations
Bush contributions by Corporations
Opensecrets Individuals
Bush contributions Major individuals
Opensecrets Industries
Bush Contributions by Industry
Paul Revere rises
The title says it all
Political Junkie Money
The title says it all
President Gore Now
Pro-President Gore webring. Also, Pro-Democrat, anti-bush, anti-republican, anti-nader sites are also welcomed.
Progressive Liks to Alternative Media, Newspapers and Bush Websites and Articles
Links to breaking news regarding the Bush Administrations theft of democracy. Liks to thousands of progressive and left liberal websites. Biting commentary by the radical earth warrior Vultureman.
A look at who Bush appointed to the cabinet and many agencies. Plus recommendations for an alternative progressive set of appointments.
Protest Bush's illegal term of office
A couple of simple quick things you can do to protest Bush's illegal term of office
Republican Anti-Veg
Pres. and VP animal related
Republican Contributors
(on this site)
Research on George W. Bush
Factual research on Dubya's sleazy oil stock dealings right before the Gulf War, written-up in a conversational style
Sierra Club Bush
Sierra Club president page
Sierra Club Gore Bush comparison
Sierra Club: Elect Al Gore; Clean Up American Politics
Stop Dubya
Bush News Items (Serious and Parody)
Storm Pages Xois
Shows how to do a simple thing to protest the steal.
Take Back Your America
It's your nation, Your goverment and if your not pissed off you should be!
Texans for Public Justice
Texans for Public Justice
The Nader Factor
Links to alternative analyses of the Florida Vote - Bush was NOT vindicated by the media recount. Gore didn't lose Florida, so Nader isn’t to blame.
The Oral Majority
America’s # 1 website and authority on the Theft of Election 2000, the conspiracy to cover up the crime, and what you can do about it!
Progressive News & Opinion Updated daily.
Topple Bush: Combining anti-Bush humor with intelligent articles
Unique and intelligent combination of anti-Bush humor, including list of recent additions, commentary, well-written articles, free anti-Bush music DLs, and flyers to print and distribute.
Transition Watch
A diverse set of non-profits monitor the Bush transition actions and post alerts and news
United Farm Workers and Bush
Latino Vote and Bush
Hard hitting up-to-date snap analysis of all things Bush, all things silly about Bush. Includes predictions - which all come true!
US Face to Face
The national movement of citizens educating citizens in time for the 2004 election
Veterans 2004
2004 election information for veterans.
Voter Rights March
Information about voter rights and Protests concerning lack of voter rights
We Dissent
Florida based election problems and solutions
we was robbed
election irregularities plus
What about the steal
The title says it all
The Bush family mean genes
Working for Change
How to make a difference about Bush.
serious and parody
Yoda's World
Bush Lies, Bush on the Environment, Bush on the Economy, Bush and Civil Liberties, Bush Parodys, Bush Humor,Bush Lies

Campaign Reform and Contribution Tracking

California Contribution Tracking
California Secretary of State -contributionsData available thanks to legislation sponsored by Sen. Betty Karnette D-Long
Allows you to see individuals contributions to political campaigns
CNN's contribution reports
Campaign 2000 fund-raising: Numbers reported by candidates to the Federal Election Commission
Common Cause
Reform in Government
CorpWatch: Holding Corporations Accountable
CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education, network-building and activism.
bad money in politics
federal election commission
Great site tracks Presidential candidates political contributions to the zip code level and more.
Articles and Resources about citizen
Open Secrets
One of the best sites for tracking the money that influences Congress and the President
Political Money Line: Money In Politics Databases
TRKC is a news and tracking service that assists groups with data collection, storing, transmission, linking, analysis and display of complex financial and political information.
Public Campaign: A New Kind of Reform Politics
State of the Union Poster Congress Meets Wall Street: How Big Corporate Campaign Contributors are Buying America...And What the Rest of Us Pay
Public Citizen
Reform in Government
Public Integrity
contribution reports
Public Interest Group
UC Berkeley Experimental contribuiton tracking site
requires Java plug-in, combines many sources in tracking

Election Reform

Behind The Election: Bush Cheated 04
Wake Up America! The POTUS plays dirty pool. Featuring an assorted cast of thugs, cheaters, media whores and idiots such as Karl "Rat Fucker" Rove, Ken "Uncle Tom" Blackwell, and Nathan "Evil GOP Bast
BlackBoxVoting.com and .org
Ballot tampering in the 21st century Also see blackboxvoting.org (research arm of blackboxvoting.com)
Voting technology in California
Election On-line
produced by the Election Reform Information
Election Reform
A election reform site that discusses many alternatives and the problems with the current system.
Website of Rebecca Mercuri a professor of Computer Science is an expert on electronic voting systems
Fair Elections Project
Group the advocates for "clean election" laws similar to Maine and Arizona
instant run-off voting and electronic voting systems and standards also see www.fairvote.org/administration/software.htm for standards for software etc.
Fixing Elections
Site of author of book about improving current election methods
Election fraud and potential election fraud site.
Award-winning "Eco-journalism from the Brink" from the Editor Emeritus of Earth Island Journal.
Verified Voting
Election Reform and Electronic voting with an audit trail
Voter Choice
Good site on voting machines and what changes are needed, plus related links

Environmental Protection Links

B&Y Air Purifiers
B&Y is a leading eco product manufacturer and distributor.
California State Parks Foundation
Captain Ozone
Captainozone.com features a downloadable documentary about the ecologist, Captain Ozone. Captain Ozone is famous among environmental groups for being the most radical ecologist in America.
Care2.com's Race For The Rainforest!
California Environmental Resources Evaluation
Cetos, the Center for Ethics and Toxics
Circle of Life Foundation
Julia Butterfly Hills Non-Profit
A very interesting and prophetic site.
Earth Day Network
Earth Island on the web
David Brower created this Non-Profit
Earthwatch Institute
A Place To Help Save The Earth
EnviroLink News Service
EnviroLink Organization List Page
(this site has over 1200 enviromental groups listed - you can add to the list)
Environmental Careers World
Environmental Center of Sonoma County
Environmental Expert, Global environmental business information
Global environmental business directory with a range of information (services, books, jobs, events, technology, software) in all environmental sectors.
Environmental Internet Resources
Environmental Organization WebDirectory
Environmental Working Group
(this site also tracks anti-environmental political contributions)
Environmentalists Against War
A global coalition of more than 100 environmental and social justice groups dedicated to documenting the environmental and social justice impacts of war and militarism.
Friends of EnviroLink
Greeen People Organization List
Green Parties of North America
Greenpeace International: Forests
Greenwood Watershed Association
Grist Magazine
GSP Index
Home Page of Sonoma County's Coalition for the Out
Medicine Trail Research Center Expeditions
Our Expeditions are Volunteer Vacations where you can assist on research or conservation projects in the Rainforest, the Caribbean or with Missionary Projects helping the Mayans in the Rainforest.
Mendocino County Ecology Web
Monitor.net Calendar
NonToxic Environments, Inc.
Newmarket, NH USA
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center HomePage
Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
Pesticide Action Networks Database of Pesticides
This is an important database of pesticides and their ingredients and problems
Save Our Environment - ACTION CENTER
Save Our Environment Bear Video
(Flash animation - Bears Can't Vote)
Savephoenix.org is a non-profit website with information about what causes air pollution and how we can stop it without sacrificing economic progress.
SBN Green Dream Jobs
Silent Spring Institute: Home Page
sponsor a child
SOS Childrens Villages Canada, we provide homes, mothers, brother and sisters for orphaned children.
Surfrider Coastal Factoids
Target Earth
Target Earth - Issue 4 - Earth Factoids
The California League of Conservation Voters
The Sustainable Business Network
The Turning Point Project
The Wildness Within Us
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Environment
Earth Island Journal's Editor Emeritus Gar Smith offers award-winning investigative journalism and change-oriented reports "from the brink of environmental journalism."
Union of Concerned Scientists
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Vitamin Supplements
My Vitamin Guide provides accurate, unbiased information on vitamins, vitamin supplements, herbal remedies and alternative medicine.
Waste.org Oakland page
Wilderness Retreats plus
Zero Population Growth

Federal Government

Volumnes of information about the US congress and administration.
copyright office federal
Federal, look up and write your representative
Government Printing Office
Thousands of Federal Records. Search on a candidates name for related information. Search results will work by the end of this week.
House of Representatives home page
government info exchange
LSU's government information search
US Senate home page
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
Home page for much of the US Congress, addresses and legislative activities.
federal election commission related

Human Rights

Battlefords Healing Circle Inc.
(http://Battlefords Healing Circle Inc.)
requesting name and address, phone number and fax number
Dear Prez Bush Re: Marriage
49.5 KB animated gif, a message to Prez Bush about marriage. Great if you need a picture for your signature in message boards or email.
Health Access
Health Access California is a statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition of over 200 organizations working for the goal of quality, affordable, health care for all Californians.
Human Rights Worker
Michael Parenti on Human Rights
Monheit Law-personal injury for Guidant defibrillator recall case
Guidant has issued a warning and a recall for many of its defibrillator models .Do you need information ora referral for Guidant defibrillator recall case ? Contact Monheit Law
Prisoners Overseas
We campaign for political and religious prisoners, torture survivors, genocide, slavery, refugees, racism, children in prison and many other human rights abuses.
Results of the 1973 Church Committee Hearings, on CIA misdeeds, and the 1984 Iran/Contra Hearings.
Repair Your Bad Credit - All About Credit Repair
Basics of credit, credit reports, fixing a negative credit report yourself, credit repair scams and how to buy a used car with no credit or a bad credit history.

Judicial Reform

Pentagon and the Law

Local Government (name of state, county, city at start of Title)

California, Alameda County, LUPIN: Government Information
California, Contra Costa County, LUPIN: Government Information
California, Mendocino County Web Site
California, Mendocino County, Joe Louis Wildman for Mendocino County Supervisor
Joe Louis Wildman is running for election as the Democratic candidate for the First District in Mendocino County against the Republican incumbent Michael Delbar.
California, Sonoma County Home Page

Media Reform and Alternative Media

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
very professional magazine plus website by ex-madison avenuers
Albion Monitor (frames) alternative media
Uncompromising journalism covers "The News You're Missing" -- important stories not appearing in the mainstream American media.
Alliance for Community Media
An alliance of Community Media TV, radio and print outlets. Including a conference of community media.
alternative web news supplier
America Radio Network
The i.e. America Radio Network produces programming from a different perspective
Internet radio site moderate reform programs and links
Angry Citizen .org - Left Wing Politics
AngryCitizen.org is a national non-profit citizens' organization working to bring progressive Americans together to promote progressive visions for America's future.
A progressive group that is buying time and space to air progressive media. Funded by some relatively wealthy progressives
Founded 1996 to build an ‘Internet library,’ with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.
Arts and the Media
News Arts RadioSegue Community mainly San Francisco based
Brown Bradcast Services
Professional radio engineer and fcc expert on filings for licenses, works with non-profits for filings and finding free spectrum
Alternative Source of News
Connected to the Columbia School of Jouralism; analysis of the media coverage and commericals of the campaigns other media related
Center for Digital Democracy
Media (digital rights) and general reform site concerned with media consolidation issues
Center for Media and Democracy (PRWatch.org)
Watches for information distortions in the major media
"Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community"
Helps you obtain a FCC radio or TV license
Communications Rights in the Information Society (CRIS)
"Al Gore's new cable network, Current TV, is a media smorgasbord of quick, slick and sometimes very interesting short-form video segments targeted at the iPod generation." Quote from Wired Magazine
Alternative Media plus research on media Be sure and see the Media Research section (left column on home page mid point)
Critical analysis of the major media
Popular progressive Political blogger.
Democracy Now
Daily community based news and Web-TV
A collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that influence the media.
Don't Trust CNN, Crossfire, and Tucker Carlson - Lies About Cheney-Edwards Debat
An essential ingredient of a well-oiled democracy and election process is that the voters be well-informed -- so that they can make informed choices on Election Day. That is one reason for the First A
dropseven - Culture Jammers Network
Independent UK-based non-partisan network of geographical and virtual activists, students, volunteers and workers. Browse its database and read related news reports.
Eat The State!
EcoResearch Election Coverage 2004 ratings Index
This site automatically sifts through 500,000 sites related to the media and Fortune 1000 companies to see how they are covering the Presidential Race.
Enviro Media Issues
Fair and Accuracy In Reporting - progressive watch-dog of media
National non-profit media reform group
Progressive news and commentary from the web and print journal
Friday Morning Quarterback
Good site to monitor the status quo's doings - FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback) super-serve's radio programming and management executives, as well as music industry executives, with finely targeted
FSTV (free speech TV)
Geneva Switzerland Information Summit
Geneva Switzerland Information Summit- Alternative website
Global Media News and Commentary
Global Media News and Commentary
The Consumer Report of News in the SF Bay Area
British Daily that is slightly more objective than most US dailies
Guerrilla News Network
High tech and innovative producers of alternative news and documentaries
Home // HUB - eur@ction project including PolyMedia project and streaming videos on Media reform
I Want Media (Real News about the Media)
I Want Media (Real News about the Media)
Independent Press Association
The antidote to monopoly media
independent web radio
Independent World Television
Independent World Television, a non-profit broadcast service financed by viewers across the globe -- independent of corporate or government funding and commercial advertising.
Indie Club
Networking, Actors and Filmakers and Crew
Collective for dependent news in the SF Bay Area
independent media center alternative news plus umbrella for other outlets
Information Clearing House
World Daily News, you will not find on CNN or Fox News
Institute for Global Communications
Hosts PeaceNet, EcoNet, Womensnet and AntiRacismNet
Investigative Journalism
Web site of an investigative journalist, plus fairly comprehensive set of Bush related investigations
Lasar letter on FCC
Media reform site
Legit Government
Mainly latest news about problems with the Bush administration
Media Action Marin
Media Action Marin is committed to Media Democracy, and to democratizing/ opening up all aspects of public information and communication.
Media Alliance
Resource for Media Reform (local and national) and media classes (Bay Area)
Media Channel
Media Matters for America
Former right-winger David Brock's news site dedicated to exposing right-wing distortions of the media.
Media Reform Information Center
Links and Resources on Media Reform
Media Reform page, this site
Media Tracker
The Center for Public Integrity's Site that lets you know what companies own the media and where.
Media Venture
A media collective of many progressive NPO's, also has MediaTalk project.
Good site for the legal consolidation aspects of Big Media
SF Bay Calif. Alliance of Alternative Media
A fairly comprehensive look at media reform issues. Mediareform.net is a project of Free Press.
Puts on Media that Matters film festival; also has new distribution model for short films and programs.
A media reform site
A media reform and fcc watch site
Minnesota News Council
Non profit that allows you to file a complaint with about the news media with the meda in a formal way.
Mojo Wire
alternative web news from Mother Jones Magazine Plus
MoveOn.org report on Fox News bias
MoveOn.org report on Fox News bias
National Association of Community Broadcasters
Community Broadcasters and advocates
National Radio Project
Produces independent alternative radio programs and syndicates them at low cost.
News Followup
News & Views with a Global Perspective plus Bloggers World
News Insider
Political online newspaper mainly centered on war-peace issues
Important but underreported news from around the world, emailed free each week.
Get the news that the mainstream media refuses to report.
South Korea -- very large citizen-reporter based news source - with english language version
Media ownership database online
open internet uncontrolled by government including domain names
Our Media Voice
Works on public awareness of Media consolidation issues
We monitor Conservative sites, keep tabs on the 'myths' they spread and debunk them with accurate quotes and hard facts. We also feature a blog and post regular editorials.
politicalamazon.com Media section
Political media serious and parody
PR Watch: Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry
A project of the Center for Media and Democracy. PR Watch offers investigative reporting on the public relations industry.
Project Censored
Each years most censored news stories
Project CNN
Pro-Bush bias of CNN
helps you obtain a radio or tv fcc license, plus fcc watch dog
Pubic Integrity's Media tracker
publicintegrity.org allows you to type in a zip code or city and see the who owns the media in your area
Radio Power - Streaming Progressive Media
Streaming Progressive Culture and Music around the World (also progressive talk radio)
helps you obtain a fcc radio license plus fcc watch dog
News aggregation source less status quo stories than AP, more relevant.
Real News Page
Satellite TV and Radio :: Bringing a New World of Digital to You
A resource-based site bringing the latest satellite TV and radio information. There are articles that promote satellite radio channels with political content.
Site devoted to keeping net neutrality from being taken away.
SFLan is an experimental wireless community network in San Francisco. We aim to build a wireless network with LAN characteristics on a metropolitan scale.
Sirius Left Channel 145
Sirius Satellite service (channel 145 Left progressive channel)
A primary purpose of SourceWatch is documenting the PR and propaganda activities of public relations firms and public relations professionals engaged in managing and manipulating public perception, op
A fairly conprehensive look at all major US media by Columbia School of Journalism -- words, graphs, lists, charts
Take Back the Media
Interesting media reform site plus professional graphics
A robust public blogging service
The Experiment
Alternative news. The Experiment Network believes that we must constantly be asking ourselves new questions about ourselves and our realities such as who we are, what we do and why we do.
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
The Memory Hole
Rescuing knowledge freeing information government censored information and footage and undereported information
beta version of the real news network
Third World Majority - CultureisaWeapon.org
Site that has a number of digital media and alternative resources, including "digital story telling"
ThirdWorld Travler
Truth in America
A site started by Sue Wilson, award winning journalist and producer, relating to media reform
Alternative Source of News
Media reform and news website plus Corporate Media Lies Tee-shirt
Artists and Activists show case of videos
Washington State News Council (also see Minnesota News Council)
Non profit that allows you to file a complaint with about the news media with the meda in a formal way. (some association with the Gates family)
News & Views with a Global Perspective plus Bloggers World
Open source news site, many languages, hundreds of volunteer news sources
World Summit 2003
World Summit on the Information Society Civil Society Meeting Point
The World Summit on the Information Society Civil Society Meeting Point National and International information issues
Yellow Times
Alternative news and views
Youth Media Council
Building youth power through media advocacy and media accountability

Miscellaneous Event Calendars

Bay Area Progressive Directory
Events and Notices for Progressive Issues in Bay Area
Bay Area Progressive Directory Listing of Web Calendars
San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory Listing of Web Calendars
Site of Berkeley organization that works on Urban Ecological issues in Berkeley and has an events calendar.
East Bay Democratic Events Calendar
Democratic Party Event calendar for the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area
EcoVegEvents.com Calendar
Local to 510 area code (SF Bay Area East Bay)calendar of events.
Global Exchange Event Calendar Bay Area
Political and ecological events in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Apartments
Thousands of hotels, bed and breakfast and aparments available for online reservation
In Defense of Animals Calendar
indymedia.org calendar
SF bay calendar for indy media -- many political events
International Solidarity Support Group Calendar of Events
Mainly Middle East conflict related local political events
KPFA sponsored events
Progressive radio station KPFA sponsored events calendar
Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace (LMNOP)Event Calendar
Oakland California very active peace group
Marin Peace and Justice Calendar and News
Progressive events in SF bay area and Marin County
Media Alliance Event Calendar
SF Bay events media related and other progressive issues
MoviesThatMatter.com aka MessageMovies.com
Keywords: message movies social conscious environment human rights government reform
North Bay Progressive Calendar
Calendar of progressive events in Sonoma County California and other north bay counties
Political Events and related in the Bay Area
San Fran. Bay Veg and AR group Listserv and Calendar
(click on sfbaveg)
San Francisco Vegetarian Society Events
(http://www.sfvs.org/events.html http://www.sfvs.org/events.html)
Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter Outings Calendar
Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter Outings Calendar
Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter Events Calendar
Web Directory
Internet Web Directory organized by categories

Political Humor

A compassionately unconservative lager, NotBush Beer
We don't expect everyone to love our beer. 51 percent of you is all we're hoping for.
Anti-War T-shirts and Political T-shirts
Some of the funniest and most radical left-wing political t-shirts on the internet at BAN T-SHIRTS
Bush Eats Poo
Incontrevertible evidence that our President eats poo.
Count down to the end of George W. Bushs term with a countdown timer keychain!
Dancing Ass (no, not porn!!!)
A cartoon butt, "The Dancing Ass," delivers funny Public Service Messages like the "John Kerry: Kung Fu Master" animation on the home page. Starts after kitten drops pretzels on Whitehouse.
Dangerous tshirts
Hard edged and humorous tshirts and merchandise for the non conformists and unconventional
Dogs Against Bush
No tinsel. No presents. No fireworks. Just dogs. . . against Bush.
Eat The State!
We want an end to poverty, exploitation, imperialism, militarism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, environmental destruction, television, and large ugly buildings.
F*ck Bush !
Discuss about Bush Administration and their politics.
Fat American
Cynical t-shirts that question mainstream American principles regarding war, religion, economics and the environment. Plus t-shirts featuring famous peacekeepers and revolutionaries.
Fire George Bush tee-shirts George W. You're Fired T-shirts
http://www.wyourefired.com as heard no Air America
Freeway Blogger
Recent Sightings and Archives. The signs on this page were seen by over two million Californians. They cost a total of $35 to make.
Funny Times
political cartoons and essays and newspaper
Google Directory of Political Humor
I Wasn't Using My Civil Rights Anyway
A comment for the liberal civil rights activists who appreciate irony (and for conservative civil rights activists that don't understand what irony is)....
Join Arnold Parody
Get in style! Show your support (or lack of it) for the new Governor of California and his ass-grabbing escapades.
Justice Is Duck Blind
Cartoon video about Dick Cheney taking Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia duck hunting just 3 weeks after Cheney had asked the court to let him keep the inner workings of his energy task force secret.
Buy unique pro-liberty apparel, bumper stickers and books
The Gore-Bush debate quiz
A bunch of Gore-Bush parodies
Mort and Mindy
Political Humor,cartoons and links
Get the latest news on both political parties by the only news source that is funnier then Dan Rather; less annoying then Jon Stewart; and more drunk then Andy Rooney...well, maybe not that drunk!
Political humor, with subject index and related links
Quagmire Comics
We are now selling a number of products with unique graphics on them. We hope you have a good laugh, tell your friends and spread the message.
Republican Humour
"Republican" humour, WMD quotes, Chickenhawks, Republican lies...
political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow
Slam Bush
Video clip of President Bush "debating" underground rap star Wordsworth. Part of a national Hip Hop competition of slam poets across the country to deliver the best anti-Bush rhymes.
The Digital Museum of Modern Art
A celebration of J. Dennis Hastert. A truly good person going through life seeing no evil, hearing no evil, speaking no evil. Pure, unblemished by life.
The Florida Bingo Ballot
A proposal to make the ballot in Florida more familiar and avoid confusion in future elections
The Shaved Report
The Shaved Report is unfair and unbalanced news, stripped of the clutter and integrity of your normal news website.
The Week in Surreal News, By Oscar Gonzalez, Satirist, AlterNet
A story in an Alternet satirist's column - surreal news that would be scary if it became real. Oscar Gonzalez is a lawyer and writer of satire who lives in Dallas, Texas.
Vote Bush Off the Island
George W. Bush has been a naughty boy. Vote him off the island!
Wise Confuse-us
An eastern philosophical spin on the election of 2000

Political Parties: Democratic Party (plus some party candidates)

2004 Presidential Bumper Sticker Primary
Vote for your favorite 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate by purchasing a bumper sticker. Also t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, BBQ aprons and more stuff.
Democratic Party
Howard Dean 2004 - The Great Grassroots Campaign
Unofficial Howard Dean merchandise designed by a grassroots volunteer. I sell shirts, hats, bags, mugs, calendars, mousepads, stickers & more.
Howard Dean 2004 - You Have the Power
Unofficial Howard Dean merchandise designed by a grassroots volunteer. I sell shirts, hats, bags, mugs, stickers & more that says "you have the power to take our country back!"
Nathan Rudy for Somerset County Freeholder
North Plainfield councilman Nathan Rudy's campaign site as he runs for Freeholder in Somerset County, NJ
wikiDemocrats was created to provide a hub for news, information, and healthy debate about the Democratic contenders for the Oval Office in 2008.

Political Parties: Green Party (plus some party candidates)

Green Party (National)
Green Party of California
Information on the state Green Party. (Connect with your local county Green Party at: http://www.cagreens.org/locals ).

Political Parties: Libertarian Party (plus some party candidates)

Libertarian Party

Political Parties: Natural Law Party / Reform Party (plus some party candidates)

Natural Law Party

Political Parties: Other (plus some party candidates)

Cassandra Hefton for President
The Cassandra Hefton campaign website - a transexual candidate for President of the United States.

Political Parties: Reform Party (plus some party candidates)

Reform Party

Political Parties: Republican Party (plus some Bush)

Conservative Republicans of Moorpark College
Home of the only Republican youth organization in Ventura County
Eric Eisenhammer Online
Official website of Eric Eisenhammer, a Republican elected official in Los Angeles County California.
GOP Sheeple dot com
"Kickin' Their Butts Since Birth" is our motto. Exposing their lies & hypocrisy thru current events knowledge, satire and funny stuff. Live from HOUSTON, TEXAS the GOP Stronghold of the World.
Republican Party
Students for Tom McClintock
Tom McClintock is a California State Senator and a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor. McClintock energized and inspired California young people as he fought to abolish the state's hated ca
wikiGOP was created to provide a forum for sharing and airing news, information, and general opinions about Republican hopefuls for the 2008 party nomination.

Political Polling

National Tracking Poll
Field Poll - Mainly California Polling Results
Famous California polling organization. The URL shows latest polls results
Anti-war, vegan, vegetarian, and other magnetic ribbons. Custom designs available as well!
Gallup Poll
LA Times Poll
Map of States and which are toss-ups, Gore or Bush.
Polling Report
A non-profit polling group that tracks errors in Media polling and other issues.

Political: General

dating site for politically progressive people
Afterthoughts Bumper Stickers
Political, liberal, peace, environmental, feminist, Democratic and other bumper stickers for your car.
Animal Protection Politics
Anti-war car ribbon magnet (8") only $2.75
Our anti war car ribbon magnet says: "Pray for Peace, Work for Justice". Another says: "Costly Mistake"
Anyone But Bush in 2004
An essay that explains how Bush's foolish and arrogant mistakes in the war on terror have seriously damaged our national security. A few links to other anti-Bush sites.
Black car ribbon that says:
Anti-war car ribbon magnets $2.75.Black ribbon says: Costly Mistake, Work for Peace and Justice. Blue ribbon says: Pray for Peace, Work for Justice
Brainyforum free international political forum
Brainyforum is a FREE international political forum discussing US, EU, Middle East & Australian current political events. We have over 200,000 members! Join NOW and debate the world!!!
bush art
a way for one American artist to work out his daily frustrations with the way things are going in the U.S.A.
Provides links to articles about the political opinions of celebrities.
Center for Public Integrity
general political reform site
Center for Study of Technology and Society - Government and Politics
Christmas in the Trenches
On Christmas Day, 1914, during WWI, German, British & French soldiers disobeyed superiors and fraternized with "the enemy". German troops held up signs, "Merry Christmas." "You no shoot, we no shoot."
Group Nader started many years ago
Ralph Nader related site, many reform related issues plus events
Common Cause
Citizens working to end special-interest politics
Bio and info on Elected Federal Officals
Contact Officials
this site info on communicating with government officials
Corporate Watch
Dark Horse 2000
Covers Bush and other candidates.
Defending The Truth
Debate politics online involving political and social issues like abortion , capital punishment , iraq war , administration, drugs and alcohol, and more.
Democracy Rising
Nader related site, centered on information related to Democracy Rising Tour plus
Der Furor
Slams the Right Wing by using their own statements, abuses, and policies against them. Turns what they're trying hard to hide into a hard-hitting, disturbing, but inspiring novel
Dorway to congress
Political email list plus
Eagle Sore
Unique political designs printed on t shirts, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, buttons, refrigerator magnets and gift items. Humor, activist, political satire, politcal party.
Eat The State!
We want an end to poverty, exploitation, imperialism, militarism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, environmental destruction, television, and large ugly buildings.
forcarl's blog for Separation of Church and State
( http://www.infidelguy.com/view-blog-forcarl-20.html)
Anti-right wing agenda, anti-war, anti-bush, pro Separation of Church and State. forcarl's blog for Separation of Church and State
FunPolitics! is an online community forum for those of all ideologies with an interest in politics.
Government, Law and Society
Editorial cartoonists for political. Also links to both sides of most issues.
Human Legislative Network
somewhat of a political newspaper
Iowa Peace, Justice and Protest Books
Iowa Peace, Justice & Protest Books from the Heartland by Mike Palecek
It's All Politics - World and National Political Discussion Forum
World and National political forum. Discuss global politics and political issues in your country and other around the world. All views are welcome!
Latino vote site
League of Conservation Voters
left wing political links
Mike Hersh's Famous Bush Chicken Hawk List
List at near end of article; list of all the hawks in Bush Administration who dodge military service.
Military Families Speak Out
Military Families Speak Out is an organization of people who are opposed to war in Iraq and who have relatives or loved ones in the military.
Supports mainly progressive democrats, has PAC also.
Movies that Matter aka Message Movies
Keywords: message movies social conscious environment human rights government reform
supports open and uncensored democracy and debate, famous writers and artists contribute to site content.
political contacts
Political Animal
Political Information
political info search engine
Political Research Associates
Information on groups they consider anti-democracy
Politicalfire.com is a useful directory of political information for the grassroots activist.
site that tracts politician living and dead by groupings
aka www.politics.com current political data; be sure and check-out the polling and money sections also has a forums section and calendar, jobs posting
many resources and links
Along with the Project Vote Smart site(see scorecard section), probably the best site that attempts objectivity and covers many areas of the political world
Political and Student Activists site
from the magazine
Has a database of appointments and preferred appointments to the federal government
Propaganda Remix Project
Many famous public domain war and other posters remixed to be anti-war and sometimes anti-bush regime
Right-Wing Political Links
Savvy Voter
We match registered voters to political candidates for every race in every election -- from the local school board to the Presidential race! WWW.SVOTE.COM
A general site for voter information including bio.s of many state and local politicians
The Center for Public Integrity
The World Forum
The World Forum is an international political news/discussion site that strives to be neither pro-left nor pro-right, so as to encourage real debate.
Translation Services
Executive Linguist offers translation services that can effectively translate English to Spanish or Translate Spanish to English
Trust The People
What to do about the steal.
Vote-Smart Project
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
Site developed by former Kucinich supporters to address the next step.
Tends to be pro-democratic party, plus other political links
What Really Happened
Political site and political news site mainly focusing on Middle East plus 911 info
Political Campaigns organization
T-shirts showing support for President Bush. A percentage of all sales will be donated to the George W. Bush Campaign

Scorecards on Government and Elected Officials

California League of Conservation Voters - Ecovote Online
California State Senate and Assembly Environmental Votes
shows weekly votes in congress, also has email service
HSUS Scorecard US House of Representatives Animal Protection Votes
HSUS Scorecard US Senate Animal Protection Votes
Humane Oregon Scorecard
Oregon State Senate and House Animal Protection Votes
HumaneUSA Endorsements - State
Endorsements for some States Elected Officials and Ballot Measures
HumaneUSA Endorsements - Federal
Endorsements for Federal Elected Officials
KnowTheCandidates.org BushAnalysis
Analysis of Bush on 7 issues
Paw Pac Endorsements and Scorecard
California State Senate and Assembly Animal Protection Votes
Pollution by region scorecard
Pro Sports Handicapping
The Pro Player provides you with winning professional handicappers to allow you to enjoy success at sports wagering.
Progressive Punch
Does a scorecard on congress on many progressive issues.
ProgressivePunch is a non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective.
ProgressivePunch.org - lookup Congress on 175 issue catagories
seachable database on congressional voting records plus
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
US Congress Votes and Campaign Contributions - good general site that attempts objectivity.
Protect Animals on Election Day 2000
(many different states, Propositions on ballots)
Sierra Club president page
Sierra Club State by State Endorsements
Sierra Club Voter Information
Sonoma County California Elected Official Evaluation (ConservationAction)
Voter Information Services
Many political scorecards (or summaries) from groups who track federal representatives
Ranks members of congress along liberal conservative lines, by analysis of their voters
VoteWatch Index - Sierra Club
US Congress Environmental Votes
VoteWatch Index - Sierra Club
US Congress Environmental Votes

State Government (name of state at start of Title)

California - Find your California Senate or Assembly Legislator
Put in your zip code and the site will tell you your State legislator (California). Also -- how a bill becomes law link
California Contributions reporting
California Secretary of State - contributions
Data available thanks to legislation sponored by Sen. Betty Karnette D-Long Beach.
California Secretary of State - Official Home Page
California Senate District Maps
California State Assembly
California State Senate
California Voter
California Voter Foundation - Homepage

Sustainable Economics

Bathroom design from an environmental perspective
How to conserve water in your bathroom shower, sink, and toilet.
Catalog Printing and its environmental impact
Everything there is to know about catalog printing and book printing, how it affects our environment, and what can be done to lower the environmental impact of this activity.
Positive, visionary solutions for a sustainable world. Website of Guy Dauncey, Victoria, Canada.
Explore the New Dream Puzzle
They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. As the puzzle demonstrates, all pieces must fit in place for true sustainability to be achieved.
Site which archieves articles and links on sustainable issues and the environment
Redefining Progress
Redefining Progress works with a broad array of partners to shift the economy and public policy towards sustainability.
Redefining Progress - Genuine Progress Indicator
Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) starts with the same accounting framework as the GDP, but adds in household and volunteer work, and subtracts factors such as crime, pollution, and family breakdown.
Sustainable Economics
Sustainable Economics a brief look.
The Center for a New American Dream: Government Policy and Economics
Government, business, and individuals all share responsibility for shifting society toward sustainability.
TradeWatch.org (part of citizen.org)
Looks at the detrimental effects of WTO, NAFTA, GNATT and other trade and economic issues.

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